About  Dr Russell Cooke

BDS [Hons] Syd ,LDS RCS [Eng] FPFA

Confidence, experience and trust are the critical  when values  choosing a dentist.

You only have one set of teeth and it's important that they receive the best of care.

For the best patient experience, I have always believed in the patient centred approach, which as well as excellent technical work is important to build long term patient relationships. ​

 I am across all dental issues that affect us at different stages of  our life ,with a son and daughter in their 20's, a father who is 92, and have been the official dentist for Pymble Ladies College for 2 decades.   


My passions include health and fitness, photography and travel.

I am proud to have been Accredited since 2013 ,  one of the first 3 Dentists on the North Shore, and in fact one of first  100 in the whole of Australia to be accredited 

Stringent  infection control  protocols, high quality  autoclave sterilisation equipment, and a dedication to maintain excellent conditions are reflected in our last  accreditation  review  of October 2019 


Accreditation provides assurance to our patients, staff and everyone associated with the Practice that quality and performance standards have been met and are being constantly evaluated and improved upon.

Being a member of the  American Dental Association for over 27  years, and attending their conferences annually, most recently in New York December 2019,  has given early exposure to the latest technology : which has resulted in being the first to introduce technology to the North Shore that is now standard of care, including Autoclaves, Panoramic, and Digital X-rays.

We are COVID SAFE, having implemented the additional protocols of sterilizing  desks , waiting room area  chairs , entrance door handles etc 


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Routine Checkups 


Prevention is the key.

Probably the most important service a Dentist can do, as any potential issues can be fixed when they are small, and preventive advice can minimise future concerns. 

Dental Fillings


It is important to use premium materials and techniques  to maximise the service life of a treatment.

My experience with 3M Brand materials over the decades enables a predictable long term result. 

Dental Hygiene


A key component of keeping your teeth for life. 

Thorough professional cleaning removes plaque and scale, which harbours bacteria causing tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.


As well as keeping your teeth looking good, it prolongs the service life of any treatment, and reduces the risk of losing teeth due to gum disease.

Crowns  & Veneers


 Dental Crowns are often required to protect and restore teeth that are worn, cracked and damaged or that have had root canals.

Veneers can be used to restore worn, chipped

and discoloured front teeth.

Teeth Whitening


This can be done as part of routine treatment, a smile is the first thing we look at when we meet socially. 

Emergency Dentistry


It happens....you are eating a salad and the pitted olive turns out to have a pit and your tooth breaks.

Bite Splints 

Dental splints can prevent excessive tooth wear  when you grind during your sleep .They can also postion your jaw to help minimize  headaches and muscle pain 

Implants , Bridges ,Dentures 

These are all options to replace missing teeth .Implants require a Titanium  screw to be placed into the jaw ,then a crown fixed to this .A Bridge requires placement of a crown on each tooth adjacent to the gap 


Dr Russell Cooke
BDS [Hons] Syd 
LDS RCS [Eng ]
27 Grosvenor St
Neutral Bay 
Phone 9953 0088

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Why is Prevention important  ?

Prevention should be the focus for all health professionals , rather than treatment of disease .

For Children this includes dietary advice ,  tooth brushing methods ,and application of topical fluoride to harden the enamel against decay , Fissure seals can be applied to protect newly erupted permanent teeth 

For adults regular professional cleanings will remove plaque and scale which cause  tooth decay , gum inflammation with resulting bone loss 

Necessary x-rays can detect problems between teeth or under the gum not visible or apparent  when performing a clinical examination 



Where do you get your Crowns and Implants made?


All our Crowns and Implants are made in Australia using Swiss, German or Swedish materials and components.


Treatment is made more predictable because we  have been using the same top Sydney Dental labs for 25 years. 

What Infection Control and patient protection measures do you have for COVID 19

In addition to our stringent accreditation measures , we have introduce the latest Australian Government September  2020 procedures  and are  updating them on a daily basis 


What if I have a Dental Emergency?

We have reserved appointment times each day to attend to any unexpected dental problems such as toothache, broken teeth and gum problems. 


Practice Photos 

New German Dental chair and X Ray 

Sterilizing room with Autoclave sterilizer



  Practice Address
27 Grosvenor St
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   Phone  9953 0088
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